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Easy-to-use, versatile, and customizable cells

Find the right cell for your electrochemical research. Metrohm Electrochemistry offers a wide variety of cells suitable for different application areas.

Our electrochemical cells are available in various materials and formats. Filter our portfolio of cells by material, type or application.

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We offer specific application-based cells such as an ASTM compliant corrosion cell and an electrocatalysis RRDE cell.

Take advantage of an easy-to-use in batch or in flow system that allows screen-printed and interdigitated electrodes replacement in a matter of seconds. In addition, you can find specific cell references to perform spectroelectrochemical measurements.

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Do our models not meet your needs? No problem, we will gladly produce customized cells made to your specifications. Complete the form below to receive more information on our cells and our customized solutions.

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